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In the last few years there has been a resurgence of interest in Moore's Proof of the existence of an external world, which is now often rendered as follows: 1 (I) Here's a hand (II) If there is a hand here, there is an external world Therefore (III) There is an external world The contemporary debate has been mostly triggered by Crispin Wright's(More)
  • PEACOCKE’S SELF-KNOWLEDGE, Annalisa Coliva, +12 authors Paul Boghossian
  • 2007
The paper reviews Christopher Peacocke's account of self-knowledge. His proposal relies on the claim that first-order mental states may be given to a subject so as to function as reasons, from his point of view, for the corresponding self-ascriptions. Peacocke's Being Known elicits two different views of how that may be the case: a given propositional(More)
Introduction What is the role of consciousness in our introspective lives? In this paper, I will focus on the role of conscious judgment in giving us access to our standing non-conscious beliefs. The view I will defend is a special case of a more general position in the epistemology of introspection. I will start by sketching the general view, and then give(More)
In this paper I wish to contrast three different phenomena concerning the first person, which, so far, have not been sufficiently distinguished in the philosophical literature. A lack of clarity about their distinction has led philosophers such as Elisabeth Anscombe, 1 and, more recently, Carol Rovane and Andrea Christofidou to claim that all, or at least(More)
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