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In the last few years there has been a resurgence of interest in Moore's Proof of the existence of an external world, which is now often rendered as follows: 1 (I) Here's a hand (II) If there is a hand here, there is an external world Therefore (III) There is an external world The contemporary debate has been mostly triggered by Crispin Wright's(More)
The paper reviews Christopher Peacocke's account of self-knowledge. His proposal relies on the claim that first-order mental states may be given to a subject so as to function as reasons, from his point of view, for the corresponding self-ascriptions. Peacocke's Being Known elicits two different views of how that may be the case: a given propositional(More)
Introduction What is the role of consciousness in our introspective lives? In this paper, I will focus on the role of conscious judgment in giving us access to our standing non-conscious beliefs. The view I will defend is a special case of a more general position in the epistemology of introspection. I will start by sketching the general view, and then give(More)
In this paper I wish to contrast three different phenomena concerning the first person, which, so far, have not been sufficiently distinguished in the philosophical literature. A lack of clarity about their distinction has led philosophers such as Elisabeth Anscombe, 1 and, more recently, Carol Rovane and Andrea Christofidou to claim that all, or at least(More)
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