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Rosetta ab initio protein structure predictions in CASP4 were considerably more consistent and more accurate than previous ab initio structure predictions. Large segments were correctly predicted (>50 residues superimposed within an RMSD of 6.5 A) for 16 of the 21 domains under 300 residues for which models were submitted. Models with the global fold(More)
By organizing and making widely accessible the increasing amounts of data from high-throughput analyses, protein interaction databases have become an integral resource for the biological community in relating sequence data with higher-order function. To provide a sense of the use and applicability of these databases, we describe each of the major(More)
A systems biology interpretation of genome-scale RNA interference (RNAi) experiments is complicated by scope, experimental variability and network signaling robustness. Over representation approaches (ORA), such as the Hypergeometric or z-score, are an established statistical framework used to associate RNA interference effectors to biologically annotated(More)
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