Carol Pérez-Casas

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Spectrophotometric and 1H NMR titrations of N-methoxyethyl-N'-(4-nitrophenyl)thiourea (3) by Bu(4-)NOAc show that in DMSO deprotonation of the receptor and formation of a hydrogen-bonded complex with anion proceed simultaneously but in MeCN deprotonation requires the participation of the second acetate anion. The formation constants of hydrogen-bonded(More)
Treatment of p-tert-butylcalix[6]areneH(6) (H(6)tBu-L) or p-tert-butylcalix[8]areneH(8) (H(8)tBu-L(1)) with [MCl(5)] (M=Nb, Ta) in refluxing toluene or dichloromethane affords, after work-up, the complexes [{M(NCMe)Cl(2)}(2)(tBu-L)] (M=Nb (1), Ta (2)) and [(MCl(2))(2)(tBu-L(1)H(2))] (M=Nb (4), Ta (5)), respectively. Complex 1, as well as(More)
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