Carol N. Boozer

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To determine the function of VGF, a secreted polypeptide that is synthesized by neurons, is abundant in the hypothalamus, and is regulated in the brain by electrical activity, injury, and the circadian clock, we generated knockout mice lacking Vgf. Homozygous mutants are small, hypermetabolic, hyperactive, and infertile, with markedly reduced leptin levels(More)
Targeted deletion of the gene encoding the neuronal and neuroendocrine secreted polypeptide VGF (nonacronymic) produces a lean, hypermetabolic mouse. Consistent with this phenotype, VGF mRNA levels are regulated in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus in response to fasting. To gain insight into the site(s) and mechanism(s) of action of VGF, we further(More)
Previous investigators have found the metabolic rate to be the same in calorically-restricted and ad-libitum fed rodents, and hence concluded that the Rate of Living Theory does not help explain the longer lifespan of the calorically-restricted (CR) animal. However, these previous instigators may not have used reliable estimates of metabolic mass in their(More)
A new method for measuring and characterizing free-living human locomotion is presented. A portable device was developed to objectively record and measure foot-ground contact information in every step for up to 24h. An artificial neural network (ANN) was developed to identify the type and intensity of locomotion. Forty subjects participated in the study.(More)
While aging has been found to be a multifactorial process, it seems logical that different aging parameters which reflect the deleterious effects of normal basal metabolism should be directly related. Three such putative aging parameters were therefore measured in adult male Fischer 344 rats on three different long-term diets which have been shown to yield(More)
Weight loss and energy metabolism are important clinical research areas in understanding the disease mechanisms in Huntington's disease. Having an accurate method to estimate expected total energy expenditure would likely facilitate the development of studies about these features of the disease. The Harris-Benedict equation is a formula commonly used to(More)
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