Carol Mohler

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A 32-year-old black woman with pancreatitis developed visual loss in both eyes. On ophthalmoscopic examination she had extensive ischaemic infarcts at the posterior poles of both eyes, a clinical picture which has been reported previously in patients with pancreatitis and noted to be similar to Purtscher's retinopathy. On histopathological examination of(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether pediatric patients with acute, mild to moderate acetaminophen exposures, treated with home monitoring alone, develop systemic signs of hepatic injury. METHODS A prospective, observational study of calls to a regional poison center over a 25-month period was performed. Patients were eligible for the study if they were(More)
For effective treatment of coronary heart disease with calcium antagonists, knowledge of both the dose-response relationship of a remedy and equipotent dosage for comparison of different drugs is necessary. We performed controlled studies to evaluate the influence of single oral doses of calcium antagonists on ischemic ST-depression (calculated as the mean(More)
This study investigated the effects of polymer dispersion and hydration conditions on hypromellose (HPMC) film properties, such as strength, oxygen permeability, water vapor transmission, clarity, and haze. The focus of the study was to build a better understanding of the impact that changes to HPMC dispersion and hydration conditions have on performance(More)
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