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CONTEXT Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) is a syndrome that includes dyspnea, hypotension, bilateral pulmonary edema, and fever. TRALI is the third leading cause of transfusion-related mortality, but it is probably underdiagnosed and underreported. OBJECTIVE To determine if blood products from a frequent plasma donor, whose blood product was(More)
BACKGROUND Use of liquid plasma (LP) has been reported as early as the mid 1930s. Unlike fresh-frozen plasma (FFP), LP is maintained at 1 to 6°C for up to 40 days after collection and processing. Despite its approved use by the US Food and Drug Administration, the coagulation profile of LP is incompletely described. In this study we evaluate the coagulation(More)
Milestones represent the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for the practice of a medical discipline. Defining these milestones for each medical specialty has become a focus for the American Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Practitioners of Apheresis Medicine come from a variety of medical specialties making it challenging to(More)
425 and the subject of food chains receive no comprehensive treatment anywhere in the text. Similarly, an entire chapter on animal anomalies (with more than a half page on a diaphragmatic hernia in a cat used for dissection at Baylor University) seems to be an over-emphasis on this subject in the light of the stated purpose of the book. have contributed(More)
Many healthcare systems are being redesigned to deliver local care with more services within the community. Relocation may enhance access but other aspects of healthcare quality should also be considered, notably waiting times and equity of care. This study examined a musculoskeletal physiotherapy service using a discrete event simulation with simple(More)
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