Carol M. Lu

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The purpose of this study was to examine whether embodied experiences with LEGO robotics can build elementary school students' understanding of and interest in science learning. Previous studies have shown that many children do not enjoy learning about science; they often find it very difficult to learn (Johnstone, 1991; Millar, 1991). We developed a(More)
Elementary school students often find science a complex subject to learn (Johnstone, 1991; Millar, 1991). Robotics have been used in previous studies to promote science learning as they provide students an environment to observe abstract concepts through the use of tangible, hands-on objects (Nagchaudhuri et al., 2002; Barker & Ansorge, 2007; Druin &(More)
Elementary school students were taught to use LEGO NXT Mindstorm, a programmable reconfigurable robot, to observe and learn abstract physics concepts. Students were asked to use instructional embodiment to help programming LEGO robotics in a series of activities that incorporate different physics concepts including force and mass, speed and distance, and(More)
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