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The decade of the '90s witnessed the emergence of health promotion as a national priority for all age groups. Despite the fact that Healthy People 2010 identified objectives for the nursing home population, little is known about factors that promote the practice of health-promoting behaviors by nursing home residents. This study examined the separate and(More)
According to Social Exchange Theory, reciprocity in relationships is essential to functioning within the social context and is an important component in well-being as people age. Because of a potential relationship to meaning in life and hence to self health behaviors this study addressed: (1) Does reciprocity relate to self health care and (2) does(More)
This study explored the extent to which women in long-term care facilities received preventive screening services. Physical examination screening of women residents exceeded the 40% recommendation of Healthy People 2000 with the exception of clinical breast examination and Pap smears. Laboratory and screening procedures--cholesterol, thyroid, and tuberculin(More)
This qualitative study of reciprocity and self-health care demonstrated the importance of reciprocity in the lives of 20 elderly participants. Self-health care included actions centering around nutrition, exercise, health care monitoring, and psychospiritual activities. The importance of giving to others and the difficulty in accepting help should their(More)
Surgical sympathectomies and chemical sympatholyses bring about a true sympathetic deafferentation. This leads to central retrograde degenerescence reactions of the pre-ganglionic neurons, to a reduction of the muscular tone and to a secondary neurovascular disorder at the edge of the sympathetic denervation zone. In a limited number of cases, a(More)
Clonidine was administered by epidural injections with per os relay and long term therapeutic follow-up to 38 patients with deafferentation neurological sequellar pain either fully or partly intractable to classical pain treatments. In such types of pain, this technique provides hypoalgesia which can be enhanced by the administration of serotoninergic(More)
The patient's own approach to wellness is receiving increasing attention as the potential for self-responsibility in assuming wellness behaviors is recognized as one, if not the most, significant factor determining health status. Shifts in patterns of illness and potential for illness intervention are acknowledged as central in moving the focus from illness(More)
Losses of later life can prove overwhelming to older adults. Some elderly persons seem to cope with these losses with a spirit of acceptance and serenity. The purpose of this study was to identify qualities in selected nursing home residents that allow them to transcend difficulties and continue living with some degree of contentment and satisfaction.(More)
This report compares the results obtained after treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophies (algodystrophies) of the hand by pharmacological segmental blocks with buflomedil (51 cases) versus guanethidine (30 cases). The results were similar for all the different stages of algodystrophies treated: 65% satisfactory to excellent results with buflomedil,(More)
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