Carol M. Anelli

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BACKGROUND Numerous surveys reveal high levels of pesticide residue contamination in honey bee comb. We conducted studies to examine possible direct and indirect effects of pesticide exposure from contaminated brood comb on developing worker bees and adult worker lifespan. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Worker bees were reared in brood comb containing(More)
Nosema ceranae and pesticide exposure can contribute to honey bee health decline. Bees reared from brood comb containing high or low levels of pesticide residues were placed in two common colony environments. One colony was inoculated weekly with N. ceranae spores in sugar syrup and the other colony received sugar syrup only. Worker honey bees were sampled(More)
by Judy Yu Wu, M.S. Washington State University May 2010 Chair: Walter S. Sheppard The European honey bee, Apis mellifera L., is an important pollinator for many agricultural crops. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates one-third of our diet comes from insect-pollinated plants. Of that, 80% are pollinated by honey bees (Thapa, 2006 J. Inst.(More)
Corey M. Johnson is Head, Library Instruction, in the Holland Library at Washington State University; e-mail: Carol M. Anelli is Professor of Entomology in Food Nutrition Library at Washington State University; e-mail: Betty J. Galbraith is Science Librarian and Instruction Coordinator in Owen Library at Washington(More)
By Deborah A. Delaney, Ph.D.<lb>Washington State University<lb>August 2008 Chair: Walter S. Sheppard The genetic composition of 692 feral honey bee nests collected in the United<lb>States between 1980 and 1992 was analyzed by assessing variation in the COI-COII<lb>intergenic spacer region of the mitochondrial DNA and 10 microsatellite loci. The<lb>genetic(More)
The adult blowfly, Phormia regina, reveals a substantial homeostatic capability when examined for its ability to regulate externally administered additions to its blood sugar. As well, results of experiments done at intervals throughout the entire adult life of the fly show that there is no decrease over time in the efficiency of operation of the complex(More)
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