Carol Lynn Clark

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It has been suggested that before development of motor symptoms, Parkinson's disease (PD) patients with idiopathic display a specific cluster of personality traits consisting of increased rigidity, conscientiousness, industriousness, orderliness, and cautiousness. The idea of such a distinctive premorbid personality profile remains controversial. This(More)
We describe a case of unusual leishmaniasis in a Sudanese man with a history of progressively enlarging granulomatous mediastinal lymphadenopathy, worsening hemoptysis, and an intense mucosal granulomatous inflammatory response in the large bronchi. Leishmania donovani DNA was detected in bronchial biopsies by polymerase chain reaction. This is a novel(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether glycolate, a toxic metabolite of ethylene glycol that is chemically similar to lactate, can cause artifactual elevation of measured L-lactate concentrations. DESIGN Prospective in vitro study. SETTING Intensive care unit and chemical pathology laboratory in a university-affiliated hospital. SUBJECTS Heparinized normal(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Older adults are frequently hospitalized from the emergency department (ED) after an episode of unexplained syncope. Current admission patterns are costly, with little evidence of benefit. We hypothesize that an ED observation syncope protocol will reduce resource use without adversely affecting patient-oriented outcomes. METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the precision, bias and CO2 invariance of base excess as determined by the Van Slyke equation over a wide P(CO2) range at normal and low hemoglobin concentrations. DESIGN Prospective in vitro study. SETTING University research laboratory. SUBJECTS Normal human blood, both undiluted and diluted with plasma. INTERVENTIONS Two(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE We describe the recidivism characteristics of an adult emergency department (ED) observation unit population and determine whether rates differ according to demographic or clinical features. METHODS This prospective observational cohort study of a protocol-driven ED observation unit reviewed all discharged ED observation unit patients who(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE We compare the safety and efficacy of ecallantide with placebo in subjects undergoing assessment for acute angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-induced angioedema (ACEIA) in an emergency department (ED). METHODS This was a multicenter, phase 2, double-blind study with subjects randomized to receive a single subcutaneous dose of(More)
BACKGROUND Seasonal influenza causes >200 000 annual hospitalizations in the United States. Current antiviral treatment options are limited to oral or inhaled agents. There is an urgent unmet need for intravenous antiviral treatments. METHODS Patients hospitalized with suspected influenza were randomized to 5-day treatment with intravenous peramivir (600(More)
This study was designed to measure glucose metabolic deficits in areas not typically recognized as abnormal on 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) scans in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), and to correlate such findings with subtle neuropsychological impairment. FDG-PET scans on 38 AD patients with no clinical evidence of(More)