Carol L Pollard

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In 2005, the University of Sheffield was commissioned to research the role, function and perceived impact of the clinical nurse educator role in a National Health Service Primary Care Trust. This paper presents the results of Phase I of the study, a review of the literature on clinical education and the series of research questions that were indicated. The(More)
AIM This paper reports a mixed methods systematic review examining the impact of nurse consultant roles in adult healthcare settings, with a view to identifying indicators for demonstrating their impact on patient and professional outcomes. BACKGROUND Nurse consultants were introduced in England in 2000 with the intention to achieve better outcomes for(More)
Routine determination of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) is performed in numerous laboratories around the world using one of three families of methods: UV oxidation (UV), persulfate oxidation (PO), or high temperature combustion (HTC). Essentially all routine methods measure total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) and calculate DON by subtracting the dissolved(More)
Over the last decade there has been great deal of debate about pre-registration nursing students' lack of confidence and ability, in performing core clinical skills in the UK [P. Elliott, Locality based teaching, Senior Nurse 13 (2) (1993) 35-39; S. Jowett, I. Walton, S. Payne, Challenges and Change in Nurse Education - A Study of the Implementation of(More)
This article outlines an action research study developed to facilitate nurse teachers returning to clinical practice. The article explores how the teachers established partnerships with clinicians through which they were able to share the experience of returning to an area of nursing that they had previously only visited. It discusses four categories:(More)
The provision of clinical skills facilities in nursing and medical education centres has become more common (Bradley and Postlethwaite 2003, Ker et al 2003, Scott 2001), fuelled by calls to improve practitioners' fitness for practice (UKCC 1999), shared interprofessional learning (DoH 2001), and modernisation of the workforce (DoH 2000a). However, little(More)
This article examines the first stages of a project to address problems in the quality of students' clinical experience after consultation with senior nurses at a large district general hospital. The term 'placement pathway' is defined and the use of these pathways is discussed. Several examples are given to demonstrate ways in which students can gain a(More)