Carol Kraft

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The development of intervertebral cages has significantly innovated the original technique of posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF). In this study we present the results of patients treated for degenerative or postoperative segmental spinal instabilities by PLIF with cages and pedicular stabilisation (360 degrees-instrumentation). Between 1992 and 1999(More)
Echocardiography is recognized as a highly valuable diagnostic modality for the evaluation of cardiac anatomy, function, and hemodynamics. As such, it is the most commonly used imaging procedure for the diagnosis of heart disease. The cardiac sonographer plays an integral role in this diagnostic process, applying independent judgment, problem-solving(More)
Wear products of metal implants are known to induce biological events which may have profound consequences for the microcirculation of skeletal muscle. Using the skinfold chamber model and intravital microscopy we assessed microcirculatory parameters in skeletal muscle after confrontation with titanium and stainless-steel wear debris, comparing the results(More)
Two experiments were performed to investigate the perception of peripherally presented apparent motion as a function of eccentricity of the stimulus, ambient illumination, sex, stimulus pattern, and angular extent of stimulus presentation. The experimental task for both studies was to judge the direction of apparent motion for a stimulus target lighter than(More)
This study investigated the perception of the direction of peripheral apparent motion as a function of stimulus location in the peripheral visual field, stimulus contrast, and the direction of the apparent motion. Results indicated that each of these independent variables was significant as a main effect while the interactions were not.
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