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Child pornography is a form of child sexual exploitation which has been modified by the use of the Internet. The use of child pornography does not necessarily lead to actual child abuse. Victims of child pornography can be classified as direct victims, who have been sexually abused, and indirect victims, who receive images to groom them for actual abuse in(More)
The new criminal law taking effect from the first of march 1994 contains many changes. Some of them will have important result for the psychiatric practice: it is the case of the new writing of criminal defense for mental insanity, specially in its second part, and also about the new 226.13 & 14 articles on medical confidentiality. The new infraction of(More)
Nowadays, the place of psychiatrist is currently admitted in facial plastic surgery, but is still discussed in reconstructive surgery. This page will stress the importance of a cooperation between surgeon and psychiatrist, preoperatively in orthognathic surgery. After a brief review of literature, we will try to precise when psychiatrist's advice would(More)