Carol J Manning

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Beginning at the age of about 14 months, eight children who lived in a rhotic dialect region of the United States were recorded approximately every 2 months interacting with their parents. All were recorded until at least the age of 26 months, and some until the age of 31 months. Acoustic analyses of speech samples indicated that these young children(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the maximum stimulus levels at which a measured auditory steady-state response (ASSR) can be assumed to be a reliable measure of auditory thresholds. DESIGN ASSR thresholds were measured at octave frequencies from 500 to 4000 Hz in 10 subjects with profound hearing loss. These subjects provided no behavioral responses to sound at(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the potential role of the angiogenic growth factor angiopoietin-1 (Ang-1) in inflammatory arthritis. METHODS Eighteen synovial tissue samples were obtained from 17 patients with a clinical diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and compared with six synovial tissue samples from six patients with osteoarthritis (OA). Ang-1 expression(More)
Treatment of rats with 0.5-25 mumol/100 g body weight of colchicine for 1 h or more caused an inhibition of hepatic protein synthesis. This effect was not seen if animals were exposed to colchicine for less than 1 h. The delayed inhibition of protein synthesis affected both secretory and nonsecretory proteins. Treatment with colchicine (15 mumol/100 g) for(More)
This report reviews available documents concerning research and initiatives to reduce operational errors (OEs). It provides a brief history of OE investigation and reporting. It describes 154 documents published from 1960-2005 and 222 OE reduction initiatives implemented from 1986 to 2005. Materials are classified by 1) type of study and 2) human and other(More)
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