Carol J. Ludowese

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Telephone counseling can provide a convenient, accessible, and valuable source of information to the general public, health care providers, and other professionals. In the genetic counseling profession, telephone counseling is often associated with teratogen information services. However, genetic counselors routinely utilize the telephone in a number of(More)
We describe ten individuals with an insertional duplication 15q12----q13. Phenotypic analysis of these individuals and 15 previously reported cases of proximal 15q duplications fails to show any consistent clinical manifestations. It appears that a duplication of this region is phenotypically silent.
The involution of the prostate gland after castration is an active process which requires the induction of new proteins. The plasminogen activator urokinase has been proposed to be a gene repressed by androgen which is activated upon castration and thus participating in the atrophy of the gland. However, urokinase is secreted by the ventral lobe of the rat(More)
A mailed survey of female prenatal genetic counselors, obstetric nurses, and high school biology teachers was conducted to determine if these groups hold different attitudes toward genetic risk and to investigate the extent to which any differences result from the effect of different professional experiences. In this study, the participants were 166 genetic(More)
The increasing demand in the clinical genetics setting for information about teratogen exposures has created a need for genetic counselors to have the capabilities to appropriately address patient concerns. In order to assess how training in teratogen counseling is currently being conducted, the GLaRGG Teratogen Subcommittee surveyed all 17 genetic(More)
We have evaluated the effectiveness of the Wisconsin Teratogen Project (WTP), a teratogen information service, using two retrospective surveys. We surveyed medical professionals who utilized the WTP and patients who had received teratogen counseling in a clinic setting. The results from the medical professional survey indicated that medical professionals(More)
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