Carol Huseman

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Somatic, endocrine, and behavioral correlates of growth and levels of voluntary running activity were measured in adult hamsters with hippocampal transections (HIPPO cuts) or in controls with transections of overlying cortex. Significant increase in serum concentration of growth hormone (GH) and decrease in pituitary concentration of GH were measured in(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with childhood-onset growth hormone (GH) deficiency do not fulfill diagnostic criteria for GH deficiency (GHD) after attainment of adult height and may not require long-term GH treatment. Patients with history of idiopathic GHD (IGHD) pose the greatest management dilemma, as data regarding factors predictive of persistent GHD in(More)
Hypothalamic hamartoma is the most common detectable cerebral lesion causing precocious puberty. Two histologically confirmed cases were studied by computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. T2 weighted, sagittal MR images were superior to CT in delineating the tumor from surrounding grey matter. The lesion was isointense to grey(More)
Two patients with hypothalamic hamartoma presented with isosexual precocious puberty. LHRH challenge showed a pubertal LH response in both cases. Serum FSH responses to LHRH were pubertal in case 1, but prepubertal for case 2. Computed tomography revealed isodense noncontrast-enhancing retrosellar mass lesions in both cases. The tumors were composed of(More)
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