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Web-based instruction shows great promise toward enriching the student learning experience. One particular area of interest is providing tutorial material and practice problems online so that classroom lecture time can be better utilized. However, the time and cost to develop full tutoring systems can be prohibitive. The project presented in this paper(More)
We compared the rates of change of various morphological parameters of the stomach, small intestine, caecum and colon of tammar wallabies and brushtail possums with body mass during in-pouch development. These were correlated with changes in the numbers of bacterial species in the various gut segments. In the pouch-young of both species, the wet tissue(More)
An increasing trend for lecture-based courses is for instructors to convert their lecture notes to slides that can be projected electronically. While there are many advantages to electronic projection, a large drawback is the loss of interactivity and spontaneity that can result. The use of a Tablet PC by the instructor promises to overcome this difficulty.(More)
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