Carol Frieze

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In this paper we argue that gender difference thinking, with regards to attitudes towards computing, can work against diversity in the field of computing. Indeed, gender difference approaches to the participation of women in computing have not provided adequate explanations for women's declining interest in computer science (CS) and related technical(More)
This paper aims to provide a practical guide for building a student organization and designing activities and events that can encourage and support a community of women in computer science. This guide is based on our experience in building Women@SCS, a community of women in the School of Computer Science (SCS)(2) at Carnegie Mellon University. Rather than(More)
There are some arguments that suggest women need academic handholding, such as a "female friendly" curriculum, in order for them to participate and be successful in computer science and related fields. Then there are other arguments that suggest we need to change the field to suit women or help women adjust to the field. In this paper we present a different(More)
In this paper we describe a new "research and action" based course designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to think beyond the classroom, to reach out and examine some of the broader issues surrounding computing. "Understanding and Broadening the Images of Computing" researches the images, the realities and the (mis)perceptions of computing(More)
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