Carol Forster

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BACKGROUND We have previously shown in a pediatric Hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) population that a non-invasive oral rinse can be used to monitor engraftment, neutrophil tissue delivery and susceptibility to infection post-HSCT. METHODS Using the same oral rinse protocol, we studied neutrophil tissue delivery kinetics and its relationship to(More)
Chemotactic responsiveness is crucial to neutrophil recruitment to sites of infection. During chemotaxis, highly divergent cytoskeletal programs are executed at the leading and trailing edge of motile neutrophils. The Rho family of small GTPases plays a critical role in cell migration, and recent work has focused on elucidating the specific roles played by(More)
Filamin-A (FLNa) has been shown to be a key cross-linker of actin filaments in the leading edge of a motile melanoma cell line, however its role in neutrophils undergoing chemotaxis is unknown. Using a murine transgenic model in which FLNa is selectively deleted in granulocytes, we report that, while neutrophils lacking FLNa show normal polarization and(More)
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