Carol Flannagan

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OBJECTIVE This study is designed to evaluate heavy-truck drivers' following behavior and how a crash warning system influences their headway maintenance. BACKGROUND Rear-end crashes are one of the major crash types involving heavy trucks and are more likely than other crash types to result in fatalities. Previous studies have observed positive effects of(More)
Yellow signal indications at intersections are well-known to be a contributor to traffic crashes. This study examined drivers' behavior during yellow signal indication (i.e., indecision zone) maneuvers. Data from a driving simulator study was used, which included drivers' performance data when they encountered a yellow signal indication at intersections(More)
The objective of this study is to develop a method that uses a combination of field data analysis, naturalistic driving data analysis, and computational simulations to explore the potential injury reduction capabilities of integrating passive and active safety systems in frontal impact conditions. For the purposes of this study, the active safety system is(More)
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