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1. The contribution of a slow, mixed Na(+)-K+, inward rectifying current (Ih) and the T-type Ca2+ current (IT) (that underlies low-threshold Ca2+ potentials) to the low-frequency oscillations observed in rat and cat thalamocortical (TC) cells in vitro was studied using current clamp and single-electrode voltage clamp recordings. 2. From a holding potential(More)
1. The characteristics of a transient inward Ca2+ current (IT) underlying low-threshold Ca2+ potentials were studied in projection cells of the cat and rat dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) in vitro using the single-electrode voltage-clamp technique. 2. In cat LGN slices perfused at 25 degrees C with a solution which included 1 mM-Ca2+ and 3 mM-Mg2+,(More)
1. FPL 67156 (6-N,N-diethyl-beta, gamma-dibromomethylene-D-ATP), is a newly synthesized analogue of ATP. 2. In a rabbit isolated tracheal epithelium preparation, measuring P2U-purinoceptor-dependent chloride secretion, FPL 67156 was discovered to potentiate the responses to UTP but not those to ATP-gamma-S. UTP agonist-concentration effect (E/[A]) curves(More)
INTRODUCTION Drug-induced seizures are a serious, life-threatening adverse drug reaction (ADR) that can result in the failure of drugs to be licensed for clinical use or withdrawn from the market. Seizure liability of potential drugs is traditionally assessed using animal models run during the later phases of the drug discovery process. Given the low(More)
Using single-channel recording techniques, we have detected two types of outwardly rectifying chloride channel on epithelial cells cultured from human fetal epididymis. A small-conductance channel (2.8-5.0 pS) was spontaneously active in 29% of cell-attached patches but rapidly disappeared on patch excision. This channel often occurred in clusters and(More)
A national survey of 158 Canadian IS personnel at various organizational levels was conducted using a modiJed Delphi technique and follow-up interviews to ident@ the critical issues in information systems during the next three to five years. Critical information systems issues were identified including I) building a responsive IT injrastructure, 2)(More)