Carol E. Pollard

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1. FPL 67156 (6-N,N-diethyl-beta, gamma-dibromomethylene-D-ATP), is a newly synthesized analogue of ATP. 2. In a rabbit isolated tracheal epithelium preparation, measuring P2U-purinoceptor-dependent chloride secretion, FPL 67156 was discovered to potentiate the responses to UTP but not those to ATP-gamma-S. UTP agonist-concentration effect (E/[A]) curves(More)
A national survey of 158 Canadian IS personnel at various organizational levels was conducted using a modiJed Delphi technique and follow-up interviews to ident@ the critical issues in information systems during the next three to five years. Critical information systems issues were identified including I) building a responsive IT injrastructure, 2)(More)
Whole cell currents were recorded in F11 cells, a mouse neuroblastoma (NG18TG2) x rat DRG hybrid cell line, using pipette and bath solutions intended to isolate any chloride conductance pathways. When recording with a pipette solution which was 40 hypotonic to the bath solution, all cells showed a transient rise in input conductance which peaked(More)