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Cell lines expressing ion channels (IC) and the advent of plate-based electrophysiology device have enabled a molecular understanding of the action potential (AP) as a means of early QT assessment. We sought to develop an in silico AP (isAP) model that provides an assessment of the effect of a compound on the myocyte AP duration (APD) using(More)
INTRODUCTION Drug-induced seizures are a serious, life-threatening adverse drug reaction (ADR) that can result in the failure of drugs to be licensed for clinical use or withdrawn from the market. Seizure liability of potential drugs is traditionally assessed using animal models run during the later phases of the drug discovery process. Given the low(More)
A national survey of 158 Canadian IS personnel at various organizational levels was conducted using a modiJed Delphi technique and follow-up interviews to ident@ the critical issues in information systems during the next three to five years. Critical information systems issues were identified including I) building a responsive IT injrastructure, 2)(More)