Carol E O'Hear

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Clearance is the practical limit on drug action. Here we propose a means of slowing clearance, thereby extending drug lifetime in vivo by "antibody buffering." In this process, a drug and an anti-drug antibody are coadministered. Most of the drug is bound to the antibody, preventing the drug from acting, but also preventing its elimination. A dynamic free(More)
The efficacy of chemotherapy on brain tumors is often hindered by the presence of the blood brain barrier. This barrier keeps many systemically administered substances from entering the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), while allowing intrathecally administered drugs free passage out of that compartment. Therefore, achieving a therapeutic concentration of a cell(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the ability of an anti-lysozyme antibody to stabilize the plasma pharmacokinetics of lysozyme through a 'buffering' effect. METHODS Hen egg lysozyme was radiolabeled with (14)C and infused with or without the murine anti-lysozyme antibody D1.3 into the jugular vein of rats. The dosages of antibody and lysozyme were varied, and the(More)
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