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OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine in the rat model whether endometriosis could influence ovarian function by altering oocyte release or folliculogenesis. STUDY DESIGN We histologically examined the ovaries of reproductively cycling rats with (n = 16) and without (n = 10) surgically induced endometriosis. The rats in these two groups were further(More)
We present a system, called IMMIGRANT, which learns rules about the grammar of a second language from instructions. We explore the implications of this task on the representation of linguistic knowledge in a natural language understanding system. We conclude that the internal representation of linguistic knowledge used in IMMIGRANT , which is(More)
Contralateral acoustic reflex thresholds (ARTs) were determined daily in 10 normal women and 10 men, aged 18-24, in response to a broad-band noise, over a 32-day period. Mean ARTs for men vs women over the period differed by only 1.55 db, but for women a stimulus level of about 6 db more was required to elicit ART over Days 1-6 of the menstrual cycle than(More)
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