Carol E Holden

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The purpose of this phenomenological study was to identify commonly occurring factors in filicide-suicide offenders, to describe this phenomenon better, and ultimately to enhance prevention of child murder. Thirty families' files from a county coroner's office were reviewed for commonly occurring factors in cases of filicide-suicide. Parental motives for(More)
OBJECTIVE Child murder by mentally ill mothers is an important public health and psychiatric concern. However, the authors' clinical and forensic experience has been that psychiatrists often do not inquire about maternal thoughts of harming their children. This study sought to elucidate the perceptions of psychiatrists and psychiatric residents regarding(More)
Ten children with advanced cirrhosis and malnutrition (less than 90% weight for height) were fed for eight weeks with a nasogastric feed comprising whey protein (enriched with branched chain amino acids), fat as 34% medium chain and 66% long chain triglycerides, and glucose polymer. Six of the children were studied for an eight week control period before(More)
The present study compared the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) clinical and content scale profiles of a group of adult women (N = 73) charged with either murder of their child (filicide) (n = 30), their partner (mariticide) (n = 19), or an unrelated adult (homicide) (n = 24). No significant differences were seen among the three groups(More)
OBJECTIVE It has previously been shown that microbial contamination of enteral feeds given to children in hospital and at home is common. This study therefore examined the effects of improvements in the enteral feeding protocol, coupled with an intensive staff training programme, on bacterial contamination. METHODS The enteral feeding protocol was(More)
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