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Administration of cocaine induces the Fos family of transcription factors in the striatum, including the nucleus accumbens (NAc), a brain region important for the rewarding effects of addictive drugs. Several Fos proteins are induced acutely by cocaine, with stable isoforms of DeltaFosB predominating after chronic drug administration. However, it has been(More)
The virus-specific, RNase-resistant RNA appearing in vaccinia virus-infected cells was directly shown to be an RNA duplex. After its melting and subsequent banding on Cs(2)SO(4) or incubation with DNase, the RNA could be reannealed and then hybridized with vaccinia virus DNA.The double-stranded virus-specific RNA appears to exist in the cell in the form of(More)
DNA from a human adult was fragmented by partial digestion with restriction endonuclease EcoRI and cloned in lambda Charon 4A. Clone C15, with a human DNA insert of 17 X 10(3) bases, was identified as containing a gene for the fibroblast interferon, interferon beta 1. Restriction mapping shows that this gene, located on a 1840-base EcoRI fragment, is not(More)
Serum starvation of growing and nongrowing (density-inhibited) mouse 3T3 cells resulted in decreased phosphorylation of 2-deoxy--D-glucose, while the time course of transport of this sugar remained unchanged. Serum starvation of SV40 transformed 3T3 cells (SV101) and spontaneously transformed 3T6 cells did not alter either the time course of transport, or(More)
Cytoplasmic extracts of untreated cultures of a virus-resistant mutant of mouse 3T6 cells, designated 3T6-VrB2, contain two double-stranded, RNA-activated enzyme activities associated with interferon action. These are the synthesis of a low molecular weight oligonucleotide inhibitor of cell-free protein synthesis from ATP, and the phosphorylation of a(More)
We describe the isolation and characterization of a virus-resistant mutant of murine 3T6 cells. The mutant, designated 3T6-VrB2, displays a high degree of resistance to infection by members of the toga-, rhabdo- and picornavirus classes. The level of this resistance to infection is similar to the parent 3T6 pretreated with approximately 100 lU/ml of(More)