Carol Burton

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BACKGROUND Positive effects are reported for memory training for healthy older adults, and yet there is limited information about the benefit of cognitive intervention for older adults with increasing memory difficulties-mild cognitive impairment. OBJECTIVE To investigate the usefulness of an early cognitive intervention for the memory difficulties(More)
BACKGROUND In hemispatial neglect, space can be dissociated on the basis of "near" peripersonal vs "far" extrapersonal space. The clinical manifestations of neglect can be modified by having patients use a tool to explore "far" extrapersonal space. An explanation for this is that the use of a stick produced an extension of body space resulting in a(More)
Departures from normal development can be partly assessed by measuring fluctuating asymmetry (FA), that is, differences from perfect symmetry in traits that display bilateral symmetry. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), one of the most common psychiatric conditions, is diagnosed if there are developmentally inappropriate levels of(More)
The aims of the present study were to investigate whether the processing of an object shadow occurs implicitly, that is without conscious awareness, and where physically within the human brain shadows are processed. Here we present neurological evidence, obtained from studies of brain-injured patients with visual neglect, that shadows are implicitly(More)
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