Carol Bedford

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OBJECTIVES To measure the geographical variation in prevalence of cardiovascular disease, risk factors, and their control in a nationally representative sample of older British women. METHODS Baseline survey using general practitioner record review, a self completed questionnaire, research nurse interview, and physical examination in a randomly selected(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of achieving new recommended levels of physical activity, the types of activity involved, and their determinants among elderly British women. DESIGN National cross sectional survey. PARTICIPANTS 2341 women aged 60 to 79 from 15 British towns. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Prevalence of subjects achieving recommended(More)
BACKGROUND previous studies of the accuracy of self-reported weight have been criticised for using inadequate methods and have included only young or middle aged adults. Self-report is more likely to be relied upon in both clinical and research practice in older age groups. The cultural pressures that may cause the tendency among younger women to(More)
Low dose aspirin is effective, safe, and economical in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. We have found that only one-third of post-menopausal women with cardiovascular disease are using aspirin and that the majority of women who are using aspirin are doing so for primary prevention. Improvements in this area of medical practice are both(More)
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