Carol B. Collins

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In this paper, we establish the need (based on literature and anecdotal evidence) for an infrastructure for CS1 courses to visually support problem solving from the initial problem statement to the code. Then, we describe how using Unified Modeling Language supported by CASE software (Rational Rose) can be used with carefully prepared course materials(More)
Students in software engineering need experiences that prepare them for a global work environment that is more and more likely to be structured around team work in which team members may come from a variety of disciplines and cultures and be geographically dispersed. New grads in software engineering are more and more likely to communicate with team members(More)
Histamine is a primary mediator of the inflammatory response in mammals. Degranulation of intestinal mast cells results in the release of mast cell mediators such as histamine. Histamine stimulates epithelial ion transport in a range of mammalian tissues via specific histamine receptors. The aim of this study was to assess a potential role of tissue mast(More)
The purposes of this paper are to (1) promote excellence in computer science by suggesting a cohesive innovative approach to fill well documented deficiencies in current computer science education, (2) justify (using the authors’ and others anecdotal evidence from both the classroom and the real world) why this approach holds great potential to successfully(More)
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