Carol Ann Hughes

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Reproduction of the proceedings of the House of Commons and its Committees, in whole or in part and in any medium, is hereby permitted provided that the reproduction is accurate and is not presented as official. This permission does not extend to reproduction, distribution or use for commercial purpose of financial gain. Reproduction or use outside this(More)
Engaging in nature-based activities is recognised as providing the basis for easily accessible, cost-effective interventions which can have other important physical and psychological health outcomes. The aim of the reported feasibility study was to explore the acceptability and potential psychological benefits of a simple ecotherapy-based intervention for(More)
This article presents a psychodynamic approach to understanding and treating adolescent depression, based largely on the manual for short-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy (STPP) for adolescents (11-17 years old) with moderate to severe depression, developed for the IMPACT Study from Great Britain. Although the authors make reference to longer-term(More)
  • Paula Crumpton, Elaine M. Brong, +28 authors Joan Ziegltrum
  • 2010
Attached is the survey protocol for the Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) prepared in accordance with the requirements of the 2001 Record of Decision (ROD) for Amendments to the Survey and Manage, Protection Buffer, and other Mitigation Measures Standards and Guidelines. The protocol requires pre-disturbance surveys when proposed projects occur within the(More)
The case study on evidence-based practice at the University of California, Irvine Libraries, is a grassroots peer training initiative in reference and instruction. The team of volunteers addressed training starting with the critical connection of user inquiries and training needs. The agenda aimed to transcend clichés like, " this is how we've always done(More)
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