Carol Ann Coté

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Field dependence is often associated with studies of cognitive style from Witkin's laboratory but Piaget also considered the concept a fundamental factor in the development of visuoperceptual analysis. Assessment has traditionally relied on two measures, the Rod-and-Frame Test and the Embedded Figures Test. A new task was developed, based on the(More)
OBJECTIVE I investigated developmental and ability differences on a visual-motor task that requires inhibition of misleading information. METHOD Children, including those with and without learning disabilities, and adults copied simple line or dot figures inside a tilted frame with instructions to make the figures straight. Two response methods were used:(More)
Haptic exploration, or active touch, is a perceptual modality that has demonstrated therapeutic potential for elementary age children but is not commonly studied with this age group. The aim of this exploratory study was to discover the characteristics of haptic scanning that are associated with efficiency and accuracy in a shape matching task. The study(More)
Visual fixation patterns were analyzed to gain insight into developmental changes in attention allocation in a cross-modal task. Two patterns that have been associated with increased task difficulty, gaze aversion and fixation duration, were recorded using an eye-tracker. In this exploratory study, 37 elementary age children (M age 7-10 yr.) and 23(More)
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