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Midlife is filled with challenges and unique stressors for women, which necessitate a greater understanding of the factors that influence their life satisfaction. This study examined the relationship of family strains/changes and weight to life satisfaction, as mediated by family coping, physical activity, sleep and health stress. The findings indicated(More)
Although it has been almost 20 years since recorded evidence of multiple orgasms among women emerged, there have been few recent investigations of this phenomenon. The purpose of this study was to understand further the female multiorgasmic experience in relationship to the method of stimulatory activity, namely, masturbation, petting, and sexual(More)
Despite earlier contrary claims, some researchers have recently reported a possible homologous female prostate gland that is potentially involved in a sudden spurt of fluid being released at the moment of orgasm. A number of medical authorities have speculated that this fluid is urine. To alleviate concerns about the possible release of urine during(More)
It has been suggested that women who have had more than one sex partner differ from those who have had only one, both in their background and in their current functioning (in the forms of attitudes, partner interaction, sexual satisfaction, desired changes in their sex life, and other behaviors). To explore these issues, we distributed a questionnaire to a(More)
As the role of fathers within families continues to evolve, understanding how these changes impact life satisfaction is needed. This is especially relevant for fathers who have children with disabilities; therefore, this study sought to understand the group differences between fathers of children with and without disabilities. A survey design was used that(More)
Little is known about transgender parents and how they have negotiated their gender transition, referred to here as Parental Gender Transition (PGT), and subsequent stressors. This study addressed this gap using an adapted version of the ABC-X model and Family Stress Theory. The family functioning of 73 transgender parents (72.2 % born male, 25.0 % born(More)
Data on 114 females were compared with data on 94 males at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to look at 1st sexual intercourse as it pertains to gender differences. Age at 1st intercourse was 18 years. Men were more likely to have ever masturbated than women (80% vs. 58.4%; p=.0001). 1st masturbation occurred around age 14, but the period between(More)
This investigation was concerned with perceived differences between orgasms experienced via masturbation, petting, and sexual intercourse and the relationship of such differences, if any, to sexual satisfaction. An anonymous questionnaire was distributed to registered nurses in fifteen states concerning sexual attitudes, sexual behavior and the female(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the circumstances under which physicians care for family members. We sought to examine current practice and, in particular, to learn how often family members request medical care or treatment, whether physicians accede to such requests, and what concerns, if any, physicians have about caring for their family members. (More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceived life, marital, and sexual satisfaction of married couples undergoing treatment for infertility. A survey research design was utilized involving the responses of 43 husband-wife pairs. The findings indicated that wives had a significantly lower level of satisfaction with life than their husbands and(More)