Carol A. Wellington

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This paper describes an experiment in which student teams developed products using two different methodologies: the Team Software Process (TSP) as a plan-driven methodology and Extreme Programming (XP) as an agile methodology. We carefully define cohesion and derive instruments appropriate for measuring cohesion. Then, throughout the projects, the teams(More)
We are interested in how to expose our students to Test Driven Development ?TDD@ and have experimented with a variety of ways of leveraging testing technology to help our students learn to program in our first programming course. Initially, we developed a framework that allows the students to run tests that are developed by the faculty member. That(More)
Computer-assisted optimization of a high-performance liquid chromatograph and associated post-column reactor is reported for the determination of six amino-acids. First six, then seven, experimental variables were considered. Non-standard experimental conditions were found which gave significantly improved colour development in the ninhydrin reaction. The(More)
Global markets and sophisticated information technology have increased the pace of competition. To succeed in this new environment, firms are evolving their organizational structure from purely hierarchical to more team-oriented groups. As a result, university recruiters want engineering and business graduates to perform well in groups. Unfortunately, there(More)
A method of improved protein separation in human and animal sera on columns of diethylaminoethyl cellulose is described. The improvement in protein separation is achieved by employing suitably modified elution gradients, the construction of which is described. A comparison with other work shows that improved resolution has been achieved over shorter elution(More)
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