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Electrophysiological studies (Sessle, 1987, 1991) suggest that trigeminal deafferenting injuries can cause an "unmasking" of existing but normally suppressed convergent inputs to the spinal trigeminal nucleus, including many that arise from the cervical spinal cord. However, the spatial arrangement of this projection has not been examined, particularly with(More)
A thorough understanding of pharmacy law by students is important in the molding of future pharmacy practitioners but a standardized template for the best way to educate students in this area has not been created. A mock Board of Pharmacy meeting was designed and incorporated into the Pharmacy Law course to meet the ACPE accreditation standards at the(More)
Naltrexone hydrochloride is a synthetic opioid receptor antagonist recently used in efforts to provide rapid opioid detoxification. Other clinical uses include alleviating itch due to cholestasis or uraemia. We report a case where unrecognised naltrexone therapy for itch affected anaesthesia, resulting in high opioid requirements. We also discuss other(More)
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