Carol A Robertson

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CONTEXT Use of antibiotics may be associated with risk of breast cancer through effects on immune function, inflammation, and metabolism of estrogen and phytochemicals; however, clinical data on the association between antibiotic use and risk of breast cancer are sparse. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between use of antibiotics and risk of breast(More)
BACKGROUND Current mental health legislation in the UK makes provision for the use of certain treatments in severely ill patients who are unable, or unwilling, to give informed consent. Under the terms of this legislation, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may be used, usually to treat severely depressed patients. A number of organizations have challenged(More)
A retrospective study of sera from mothers infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) was undertaken to investigate whether the titers or affinities of antibodies against the third hypervariable region (V3 loop) of gp120 correlated with transmission of the virus from mother to child. The cohort comprised 7 mothers who transmitted HIV-1 to their(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the presentation and management of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in primary care. AIMS To determine the use of health care services by people suffering from SAD. METHOD Following a screening of patients consulting in primary care, 123 were identified as suffering from SAD. Each was age- and gender-matched with two(More)
In normal individuals there is an adaptive immune response to a foreign antigen in which antibodies of increasing affinity are produced with time. This is not always true of an autoimmune response. However, because only a limited number of autoantigens have been cloned or purified, this issue has not been studied well. In primary biliary cirrhosis the(More)
A new leaflet that provided information about posttraumatic reactions and how to deal with them was distributed within 14 days of attendance at the Accident and Emergency Department (ED), Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, to a heterogeneous sample of trauma patients (N = 222). An evaluation form to assess satisfaction with the leaflet was also mailed with the(More)
The reactivities of antibodies with branched and monomeric peptides were compared in ELISA assays. We found that lower amounts of antibodies could be detected with branched peptides than with monomeric peptides. This was observed with a monoclonal antibody and with antibodies in the sera of various HIV-positive individuals. To investigate the physical(More)
BACKGROUND There are no published data on the critical review of chest X-ray (CXR) findings of children in the context of community-based contact screening. OBJECTIVES To describe the quality, findings and inter-observer agreement of CXRs in child TB contacts in Indonesia. METHODS We performed antero-posterior (AP) and lateral CXR in children who had(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) can be prevented using isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) among child contacts. However, the benefits of IPT depend on adherence to at least 6 months of daily treatment. A greater understanding of the barriers to and facilitators of adherence to IPT in resource-poor settings is required to optimise the benefits. METHODS We(More)
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