Carol A. Lichtensteiger

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The important role of genetic factors in the mediation of sensitivity to pain and pain inhibition is being increasingly appreciated. In an attempt to systematically study the genotypic influences on inflammatory nociception, we conducted a survey of the nociceptive responsivity of three common outbred mouse strains and 11 inbred mouse strains on the(More)
Coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) cause adverse effects in developing and adult animals. Less is known about the effects of nonplanar ortho-substituted PCBs. We investigated the effects of 2 nonplanar PCB congeners, 95 (2,3,6-2',5'-penta CB) or 101 (2,4,5-2',5'-penta CB), and estradiol on selected endocrine parameters. In Study 1, weanling female(More)
In the third season (2002) of the West Nile virus epidemic in the United States, two canids (wolf and dog) were diagnosed with West Nile virus encephalitis and myocardi-tis with similarities to known affected species (humans, horses, and birds). The West Nile virus infections were confirmed by immunohistochemistry and polymerase chain reaction. S ince its(More)
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