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INTRODUCTION Poor patient handling practices increase nurse injuries and reduce patients' safety and comfort. BACKGROUND UK Universities have a duty to prepare student nurses for patient handling activities occurring during clinical placements. This study examines students' experiences of moving and handling education in academic and clinical settings. (More)
BACKGROUND Pain management for patients in hospital is a major problem. There is significant variation in care provision. Evidence is needed about the ways in which acute pain services are organized in order to understand whether these are linked to important differences in patient outcomes. The National Inpatient Pain Study group is a voluntary(More)
This paper focuses on the way research study participants interpret their contact with researchers. Much has been made of the unequal power relationship between researcher and researched, but the case study presented here suggests that patient participants may be 'using' researchers to further their own agenda and to attempt to manipulate or control aspects(More)
Chronic back pain is a global phenomenon and a common reason why patients seek help from health professionals. Person-centered interprofessional working is acknowledged as the main strategy for chronic back pain management; however, the complexity of chronic pain can present significant challenges for teams. Although methods used by interprofessional teams(More)
Competency-based approaches to education and professional development have increased the need for nursing practitioners to submit their clinical practice to scrutiny through the development and assessment of portfolios. This paper examines the role of portfolio development as a method of assessing competency in and for practice and provides a brief synopsis(More)
BACKGROUND YouTube may be viewed as a great 'time waster' but a significant amount of educative material can be found if the user is carefully selective. Interestingly, the growth of educational video on YouTube is closely associated to video viewership which increased from 22% to 38% between 2007 and 2009. OBJECTIVES This paper describes the findings of(More)
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is one of the most common inherited renal diseases. It is associated with the progressive development of renal tubular cysts, which may subsequently lead to renal failure. Studies into the genetic basis of ADPKD have identified two genes, PKD1 and PKD2, that are mutated in ADPKD patients. The PKD1 and(More)
The membrane protein KCNE1 has been implicated in cell volume regulation. Using a knockout mouse model, this study examined the role of KCNE1 in regulatory volume decrease (RVD) in freshly isolated renal proximal tubule cells. Cell diameter was measured using an optical technique in response to hypotonic shock and stimulation of Na(+)-alanine cotransport in(More)
Where students once were confined to the University library, they are now at liberty to wander through cyber-space at will. There is evidence to suggest that student have been very quick to exploit the opportunities that the Internet can offer them. Students frequently cited search engines such as Google and Web 2.0 information sharing sites such as(More)