Carol A Haigh

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Where students once were confined to the University library, they are now at liberty to wander through cyber-space at will. There is evidence to suggest that student have been very quick to exploit the opportunities that the Internet can offer them. Students frequently cited search engines such as Google and Web 2.0 information sharing sites such as(More)
BACKGROUND YouTube may be viewed as a great 'time waster' but a significant amount of educative material can be found if the user is carefully selective. Interestingly, the growth of educational video on YouTube is closely associated to video viewership which increased from 22% to 38% between 2007 and 2009. OBJECTIVES This paper describes the findings of(More)
The importance of storytelling as the foundation of human experiences cannot be overestimated. The oral traditions focus upon educating and transmitting knowledge and skills and also evolved into one of the earliest methods of communicating scientific discoveries and developments. A wide ranging search of the storytelling, education and health-related(More)
AIMS OF THE PAPER The purpose of this paper is to review chaos theory and to examine the role that it may have in the discipline of nursing. BACKGROUND In this paper, the fundamental ingredients of chaotic thinking are outlined. The earlier days of chaos thinking were characterized by an almost exclusively physiological focus. By the 21st century, nurse(More)
The key driver for this study arose from two serious untoward incidents that occurred in a large district general hospital in the United Kingdom. Following investigation of both these events the Director of Nursing in post at that time believed that poor organisation and delivery of care may have been a contributory factor. This paper reports the findings(More)
INTRODUCTION Poor patient handling practices increase nurse injuries and reduce patients' safety and comfort. BACKGROUND UK Universities have a duty to prepare student nurses for patient handling activities occurring during clinical placements. This study examines students' experiences of moving and handling education in academic and clinical settings. (More)
This paper focuses on the way research study participants interpret their contact with researchers. Much has been made of the unequal power relationship between researcher and researched, but the case study presented here suggests that patient participants may be 'using' researchers to further their own agenda and to attempt to manipulate or control aspects(More)
BACKGROUND Pain management for patients in hospital is a major problem. There is significant variation in care provision. Evidence is needed about the ways in which acute pain services are organized in order to understand whether these are linked to important differences in patient outcomes. The National Inpatient Pain Study group is a voluntary(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study was to evaluate the part simplified chaos theory could play in the management of nursing services. BACKGROUND As nursing care becomes more complex, practitioners need to become familiar with business planning and objective time management. There are many time-limited methods that facilitate this type of planning but few that(More)