Carmine Senatore

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A comparative study of pure, SiC, and C doped MgB2 wires has revealed that the SiC doping allowed C substitution and MgB2 formation to take place simultaneously at low temperatures. C substitution enhances H_{c2}, while the defects, small grain size, and nanoinclusions induced by C incorporation and low-temperature processing are responsible for the(More)
This paper describes novel experimental methods aimed at understanding the fundamental phenomena governing the motion of lightweight vehicles on dry, granular soils. A single-wheel test rig is used to empirically investigate wheel motion under controlled wheel slip and loading conditions on sandy, dry soil. Test conditions can be designed to replicate(More)
Modelling of soil shearing behaviour under wheeled or tracked vehicles requires the knowledge of three soil properties: cohesion, angle of internal friction, and shear modulus. For lightweight robots it is necessary to characterize the soil for small normal stress (<15kPa) while most of the data collected in the literature regards higher stress testing(More)
Feng Zhou, Raymond E. Arvidson, and Keith Bennett Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri 63130 e-mail:,, Brian Trease, Randel Lindemann, and Paolo Bellutta California Institute of Technology/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena,(More)
In 1997 and 2004, small wheeled robots (“rovers”) landed on the surface of Mars to conduct scientific experiments focused on understanding the planet’s climate history, surface geology, and potential for past or present life. Recently, the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) “Spirit” became deeply embedded in regolith at a site called Troy, ending its mission as a(More)
In realistic time-chaotic flows, the time-dependent separatrices are revealed by Lagrangian coherent structures (LCS). The LCS surfaces organize complex flows, revealing dynamical channels useful for weakly propelled mobile agents. We propose a feedback control strategy to explicitly incorporate LCS, which are in general evolving. Inanc et al. (2005)(More)
To help minimize risk of high sinkage and slippage during drives and to better understand soil properties and rover terramechanics from drive data, a multidisciplinary team was formed under the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) project to develop and utilize dynamic computer-based models for rover drives over realistic terrains. The resulting tool, named ARTEMIS(More)
Ridges in the state space distribution of finite-time Lyapunov exponents can be used to locate dynamical boundaries. We describe a method for obtaining dynamical boundaries using only trajectories reconstructed from time series, expanding on the current approach which requires a vector field in the phase space. We analyze problems in musculoskeletal(More)
Using scanning tunneling microscopy at 400 mK, we have obtained maps of around 100 vortices in SnMo(6)S(8) from 2-9 T. The orientational and positional disorder at 5 and 9 T show that these are the first large-scale images of a vortex glass. At higher temperature a magnetization peak effect is observed, whose upper boundary coincides with a lambda anomaly(More)