Carmine Ciavarella

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Because of the growing spread of mobile and small devices (like PDAs, mobile phones, etc.), designers and developers of interactive systems have to consider user mobility and the dynamic context of use. In this paper we discuss the design criteria we have defined for developing handheld location-aware systems for indoor environments. We analyse some of the(More)
The design of interactive systems has to take into account the context of use. In this paper we discuss the design criteria to use when developing locationaware, indoor, PDA applications. We analyse some of the technologies currently available for this purpose and examine how to provide users with location-dependent information. The discussion of such(More)
The growing availability of small devices whose computational and interactive resources are continuously increasing in terms of power and capacity has raised an interesting discussion on how to exploit them to support users in various contexts of use. We propose a solution that can be easily adopted for users such as museum visitors. The basic elements are(More)
This research is related to the usability and accessibility of Web sites. Guidelines for Web site usability already exist, but they only marginally consider the exigencies of “special users”, such as blind people or subjects with high levels of vision deficit. This study specifically aimed at defining, in a more precise way, the usability of Web sites, in(More)
This paper presents an automatic museum guide system that provides both interactive guidance for exhibition and a NFC based location navigation. It is well known that NFC is a kind of short distance communication for portable terminals such smart phones and tablet devices. The communication area of NFC is limited in a narrow area; therefore, NFC may be used(More)
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