Carmine Cerrone

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In this paper we take into account three different spanning tree problems with degree-dependent objective functions. The main application of these problems is in the field of optical network design. In particular, we propose the classical Minimum Leaves Spanning Tree problem as a relevant problem in this field and show its relations with the Minimum Branch(More)
Given an undirected and vertex weighted graph G = (V,E,w), the Weighted Feedback Vertex Set Problem consists of finding the subset F ⊆ V of vertices, with minimum weight, whose removal results in an acyclic graph. Finding the minimum feedback vertex set in a graph is an important combinatorial problem that has a variety of real applications. In this paper(More)
The problem of optimally locating sensors on a traffic network to monitor flows has been object of growing interest in the past few years, due to its relevance in the field of traffic management and control. Sensors are often located in a network in order to observe and record traffic flows on arcs and/or nodes. Given traffic levels on arcs within range or(More)
This paper concerns the problem to place N non overlapping circles in a circular container with minimum radius. This is a well known and widely studied problem with applications in manufacturing and logistics and, in particular, to problems related to cutting and packing. In this paper we propose an algorithm that by applying a strength along a selected(More)