Carmina Valle

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BACKGROUND Knowledge Translation (KT) plays a vital role in the modern health care community, facilitating the incorporation of new evidence into practice. Web 2.0 tools provide a useful mechanism for establishing an online KT environment in which health practitioners share their practice-related knowledge and experiences with an online community of(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight or obesity is prevalent among college students and many gain weight during this time. Traditional face-to-face weight loss interventions have not worked well in this population. Facebook is an attractive tool for delivering weight loss interventions for college students because of its popularity, potential to deliver strategies found(More)
BACKGROUND Bone marrow edema (BME) of the knee is often seen in MRI and has several different underlying pathologies. The correlation between disorders of the knee joint and a BME is not fully understood yet. Persistent or progressive postoperative pain and/or functional impairment after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy is still a common phenomenon in many(More)
INTRODUCTION Many patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) develop tremors that may involve one or both lower and/or upper extremities, head and/or voice. In the last few years, chronic high frequency deep brain stimulation of the ventral intermedious (Vim) thalamic nucleus (Vim-DBS, deep brain stimulation) seems to be gradually replacing Vim-thalamotomy in(More)
BACKGROUND Routine measurement of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) linked with clinical data across the patient pathway is increasingly important for informing future care planning. The innovative electronic Patient-reported Outcomes from Cancer Survivors (ePOCS) system was developed to integrate PROs, collected online at specified post-diagnostic(More)
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