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AbstrAct The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is a risky and high cost action, even more when we are dealing with small and medium sized enterprises. Although many studies have shown the importance of paying attention to critical success factors in ERP implementations, there is still a high degree of failures and bad(More)
León. He is also adjunct professor at the Operations and Technology Department, I.E Business School. His research interests are related to service operations, entrepreneurship and innovation. He holds a PhD and MBA by the technical university of Madrid and I.E Business School respectively. Throughout his long career, he has been able to balance the four(More)
Relational coordination as an indicator of teamwork quality: potential application to the success of e-learning at Universities doi:10.3991/ (Please do not delete this line) Abstract— Teamwork has emerged as a contemporary management technique, the no adoption of which has been considered as a cause of failure to implement change initiatives in(More)
The application of a knowledge management strategy does not take place in a vacuum. Successfully meeting objectives of a knowledge management strategy may depend not only on the efficacy of the strategy itself or of the team that is responsible for its implementation, but also on the environment into which it is being introduced. Research carried out with(More)
In the current socio-economic scenario characterized by a growing shortage of resources and progressive budget constraints, the need to better coordinate processes in health institutions appears as a relevant aspect to ensure the future sustainability of system. In this sense, Relational Coordination (RC) provides a valuable opportunity for the(More)