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AbstrAct The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is a risky and high cost action, even more when we are dealing with small and medium sized enterprises. Although many studies have shown the importance of paying attention to critical success factors in ERP implementations, there is still a high degree of failures and bad(More)
Relational coordination as an indicator of teamwork quality: potential application to the success of e-learning at Universities doi:10.3991/ (Please do not delete this line) Abstract— Teamwork has emerged as a contemporary management technique, the no adoption of which has been considered as a cause of failure to implement change initiatives in(More)
The aim of the study was deepening the knowledge of livestock innovations knowledge on small-scale farms in developing countries. First, we developed a methodology focused on identifying potential appropriate livestock innovations for smallholders and grouped them in innovation areas, defined as a set of well-organized practices with a business purpose.(More)
INTRODUCTION Open source migration (F/OSS) was first applied in the sixties. In the nineties it becomes a quite consolidated business alternative. Since then, the free software implementation process has been studied from both, a technical point of view Free software migration means an efficient solution in terms of costs, specially for small and medium(More)
To collaborate with customers by making use of innovative strategies is today required. For this it is necessary to adapt the business innovation system to the characteristics of the market demands taking into account the technological and social change. The aim of this book chapter consists of proposing a model that allows the measurement of knowledge and(More)