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To characterize intrinsic rate- and time-dependent properties of the atrioventricular (AV) node, we examined whether AV interval (AVI) would be comparable at identical heart rates (HR) reached using different types of stimulation paradigms. We compared changes in AVI during five consecutive 30-s, 20 beat/min increases in HR from control with AVI changes(More)
The cessation of pacing from the sinus node region is followed by a transient sinus tachycardia or postpacing tachycardia (PPT). We sought to characterize autonomic involvement in PPT. We used alpha-chloralose-anesthetized dogs and recorded electrocardiograms, blood pressure, and electrograms from the sinus node, right atrium, right ventricle, and His(More)
We examined the mechanism by which autonomic neural activity associated with respiration and blood pressure modulates atrioventricular (AV) conduction in conscious dogs. Mongrel dogs were anesthetized and instrumented under sterile conditions to record atrial and ventricular electrograms and blood pressure. In the conscious state, electrocardiogram (ECG),(More)
A novel, high temperature packaging scheme which utilizes laser welding was developed for use with SiC devices. This approach reduces the need for dissimilar package materials and thus provides a possible solution to CTE mismatch problems found in typical hybrid ceramic systems. Since this is a dominant failure mechanism, this packaging technique may have(More)
We examined the beat-by-beat alterations in atrioventricular (AV) conduction time that accompany both linear and abrupt changes in heart rate (HR). We used alpha-chloralose-anesthetized and autonomically decentralized dogs (n = 10) and recorded electrocardiogram (ECG), arterial pressure, and electrograms from sinus node, right ventricle, and His bundle.(More)
The mechanism of autoregulation of cardiac cycle length during phasic alterations in perfusion via the sinus node artery is unclear. Inasmuch as transient catecholamine release has been documented during sinus node artery injections, we sought to determine whether autoregulation of cycle length might be related to a beta receptor-mediated process. We used(More)
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