Carmen W. van den Berg

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From family studies close linkage between the gene locus for variegate porphyria (VP) and the alpha-1-antitrypsin (PI) gene became evident. The maximal lod score from male meioses was 4.33 at $$\hat \theta $$ =0.04 and from both sexes combined 3.56 at $$\hat \theta $$ =0.12. Three pedigrees were triple informative regarding loci VP, PI, and IGHC(More)
The complement system is a powerful bactericidal immune defence with the potential to damage self cells. Protection of self is provided by expression on cells of a battery of membrane regulators that inhibit activation of complement. Roles of complement in the rejection of transplanted organs have long been recognized, and are particularly relevant in(More)
Objective—Although C-reactive protein (CRP) is increasingly recognized as an independent risk factor for acute myocardial events, recent evidence suggests that it can directly induce vasorelaxation. This study aimed to investigate the mechanism of this CRP-induced response. Methods and Results—Isometric tension recordings were used to measure(More)
Loxosceles is the most venomous spider in Brazil, and envenomation causes dermonecrosis and complement (C)-dependent intravascular hemolysis. The authors studied the mechanism of induction of C-induced hemolysis. Purified Loxosceles toxins rendered human erythrocytes susceptible to lysis by human C but did not have an effect on the E-bound C-regulators DAF,(More)
The botanical phototoxin, α-terthienyl (α-T) was spray applied to natural or artificial pools containing mosquito (Aedes intrudens) larvae and nontarget invertebrates (caddisfly, damselfly, midge, shrimp,Daphnia, snail) and one vertebrate (trout) at concentrations varying from 0.01 to 1 kg/hectare, under field and laboratory conditions. All field-treated(More)
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