Carmen Villagrasa

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In this work the "Density Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise" (DBSCAN) algorithm was adapted to early stage DNA damage clustering calculations. The resulting algorithm takes into account the distribution of energy deposit induced by ionising particles and a damage probability function that depends on the total energy deposit amount. Proton(More)
Most studies that aim to understand the interactions between different types of photon radiation and cellular DNA assume homogeneous cell irradiation, with all cells receiving the same amount of energy. The level of DNA damage is therefore generally determined by averaging it over the entire population of exposed cells. However, evaluating the molecular(More)
Villegas Navarro, F. 2016. Micro/nanometric Scale Study of Energy Deposition and its Impact on the Biological Response for Ionizing Radiation. Brachytherapy radionuclides, proton and carbon ion beams. Research in radiotherapy for cancer treatment focuses on finding methods that can improve the compromise between tumour cell inactivation versus damage to the(More)
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