Carmen Sarasquete

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We report the distribution of serotonin immunoreactive (5-HT-ir) structures in the brain of the adult Senegalese sole, Solea senegalensis, using the streptavidin-biotin-peroxidase complex immunohistochemical method. We have found a wide distribution of immunoreactive fibers throughout the entire brain. 5-HT-ir cell bodies appeared restricted to some(More)
The localization of catecholamines in the brain of the Senegalese sole was determined by immunohistochemical techniques using antibodies against tyrosine hydroxylase. Although the general pattern of distribution of catecholamines is consistent with that reported in other teleosts, some remarkable differences are observed. The most rostral tyrosine(More)
We present the results of an immunohistochemical study aimed at localizing the neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the brain of the Senegalese sole, Solea senegalensis, using an antiserum raised against porcine NPY and the streptavidin-biotin-peroxidase method. In this species, we have identified immunoreactive cells in the ventral and dorsal telencephalon, caudal(More)
The Batrachoididae family is a group of marine teleosts that includes several species with more complicated physiological characteristics, such as their excretory, reproductive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Previous studies of the 5S rDNA gene family carried out in four species from the Western Atlantic showed two types of this gene in two(More)
The distribution of galanin-like immunoreactive structures was studied in the brain of the Senegalese sole, Solea senegalensis, using immunohistochemical methods. Periventricular immunoreactive cell bodies were observed in the rostral pole of the preoptic recess, within the pars parvocellularis of the nucleus preopticus parvocellularis. Another(More)
The presence and induction of cytochrome p4501A (CYP1A) in the brain of a teleost fish, the seabream, Sparus aurata, was studied. Cerebral CYP1A expression of control fish or fish exposed to various concentrations of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) was assessed at the enzyme activity level-measured as 7-ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase; at the(More)
In this paper we present an anatomical description of the telencephalon of Solea senegalensis based on cresyl violet and haematoxilin-eosin-stained serial transverse sections. This work was conducted as a basis for the precise localization of neuroendocrine territories in the brain of a species with growing interest in marine aquaculture. The external(More)
In this study, we have analyzed the ontogenic expression of three gonadotrophin-releasing hormones (GnRH) systems expressed in the brain of a perciform fish, the European sea bass, using in situ hybridization. The riboprobes used correspond to the GnRH-associated peptide (GAP) coding regions of the three prepro-GnRH cDNAs cloned from the same species:(More)
This study compares basal and induced expression of cytochrome P4501A-CYP1A in the brain of gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata. Larval or adult seabream were exposed to benzo(a)pyrene -B(a)P- and the CYP1A response was assessed by analyzing CYP1A mRNA (RT-PCR), CYP1A protein (expression levels: ELISA, western blotting; cellular localization:(More)
The characterization of cholinesterase activity in brain and muscle of gilthead seabream was carried out using four specific substrates and three selective inhibitors. In addition, K m and V max were calculated from the Michaelis–Menten equation for ASCh and BSCh substrates. Finally, the in vitro sensitivity of brain and muscle cholinesterases to three(More)