Carmen Sangüesa

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Functions satisfying a defective renewal equation arise commonly in applied probability models. Usually these functions don’t admit a explicit expression. In this work we consider to approximate them by means of a gamma-type operator given in terms of the Laplace transform of the initial function. We investigate which conditions on the initial parameters of(More)
We obtain explicit upper estimates in direct inequalities with respect to the usual sup-norm distance for Bernstein-type operators. Our approach combines analytical and probabilistic techniques based on representations of the operators in terms of stochastic processes. We illustrate our results by considering some classical families of operators, such as(More)
In this paper, a stochastic failure model for a system with two dependent failures is proposed and a maintenance policy for such system is studied. The system can fail due to two causes of failure: the failure due to accumulated wear and that due to the catastrophic failure. We analyze the dependence structure of the two competing failure modes. Based on(More)
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