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BACKGROUND Because the current economic crisis has led to austerity in health policies, with severe restrictions on public health care, avoiding unnecessary admissions and shortening hospital stays is rapidly becoming an urgent priority. Alternatives to hospitalisation replace or shorten hospital processes, including diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and(More)
INTRODUCTION  Reports indicate that a significant number of patients admitted to internal medicine units could be studied on an outpatient basis. OBJECTIVES  This article assesses a quick diagnosis unit (QDU) as an alternative to acute hospitalization for the diagnostic study of patients with potentially serious diseases and suspected malignancy.  (More)
BACKGROUND Although hospital-based outpatient quick diagnosis units (QDU) are an increasingly recognized cost-effective alternative to hospitalization for the diagnosis of potentially serious diseases, patient perception of their quality of care has not been evaluated well enough. This cross-sectional study analyzed the perceived quality of care of a QDU of(More)
BACKGROUND Quick diagnosis units (QDUs) are a promising alternative to conventional hospitalization for the diagnosis of suspected serious diseases, most commonly cancer and severe anemia. Although QDUs are as effective as hospitalization in reaching a timely diagnosis, a full economic evaluation comparing both approaches has not been reported. AIMS To(More)
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