Carmen Rodríguez-Cerdeira

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BACKGROUND Interleukin (IL) 33 is a recently identified pleiotropic cytokine that influences the activity of multiple cell types and orchestrates complex innate and adaptive immune responses. METHODS We performed an extensive review of the literature published between 2005 and 2013 on IL-33 and related cytokines, their functions, and their regulation of(More)
Metastases located in the skin from thyroid carcinoma, especially the medullary type, are rare and known to occur in the setting of disseminated neoplastic disease. We report a case of a 72-year-old man, diagnosed as having medullary thyroid carcinoma, on whom a total thyroidectomy and removal of cervical lymph nodes were carried out. The medical treatment(More)
We present a cross-sectional observational descriptive study that was carried out on a reference population of 84,000 women from Northwestern Spain in order to study the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) and its repercussion in genital cancer. The group of patients for this study was of 436 patients with ages ranging from 16 to 80 years old. Three(More)
Epidemiological relationships were established more than 100 years ago between precursory lesions of cervical cancer and risky sexual behaviour. For various decades medicine has, unsuccessfully, tried to find the relationships between the agents responsible for sexually transmitted infections with this neoplasia. Thus, epidemiological studies supported by(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, research on psoriasis has focused on the identification of biomarkers for the diagnosis, pathogenesis, prognosis, or therapeutic response of the disease. These studies could provide insights into the susceptibility and natural history of psoriasis. The identification of biomarkers related to comorbidities in psoriasis, such as(More)
A relationship between psychological factors and skin diseases has long been hypothesized. Psychodermatology addresses the interaction between the mind and the skin. Today, we know that it is essential to consider both biopsychosocial approaches and path physiological approaches to treatment, involving general practitioners, psychiatrists, dermatologists(More)
BACKGROUND Oncoproteomics is the study of proteins and their interactions in a cancer cell by proteomic technologies and has the potential to revolutionize clinical practice, including cancer diagnosis. Recent technological advances in the analysis of the human genome have opened the door to improving our primitive understanding of the gene expression(More)
In Northwestern Spain (NWS), the annual incidence of AIDS diagnoses increased from 1984 (when the first case was diagnosed) until 1996. However, since 1996, this incidence has reduced considerably, including a notable 40% reduction between 1997 and 1998. The Galician Register of AIDS supplies information on the evolution of AIDS pathology in NWS. This(More)
Objective: To examine the socioeconomic variables, lifestyles, and sexual behaviors of female sex workers; their knowledge about the risk of HIV and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection; the HPV vaccine, and their attitudes toward it. Methods: 168 female sex workers (18-49 years old) filled out a questionnaire consisting of 5 parts with a total of 19 items.(More)
This is an observational, longitudinal and retrospective study of a group of patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis whom had been treated with efaluzimab (1mg/Kg/week) for up to 20 weeks. Nevertheless, first dose of 0.7 mg/kg was given. The efficacy of the drug was evaluated by measuring the psoriasis area and severity index (PASI), the body(More)