Carmen R. Dorneles Nogueira

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This paper describes the Intelligent Virtual Teaching Environment (IVTE) implementation. IVTE software uses the newest technologies to develop educational software. Technologies like Multi-Agent Systems, Virtual Reality, Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Distance Learning are being used in it. The paper gives emphasis in reactive agents model and(More)
Artificial Intelligence is an important area in the field of Computing applied to Education in terms of technological implementation. This paper describes IVTE, Intelligent Virtual Teaching Environment, implemented by Multi-Agents technology including pedagogical features, represented by Guilly. Guilly is a Animated Pedagogical Agent that acts based on a(More)
This paper describes new technologies to develop and implement Intelligent Educational Software. These technologies are presented by Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Muli-agents Systems supported by Artificial Intelligence area in Computer Science. It emphasize the IVTE – Intelligent Virtual Teaching Environment whose aim is to assist and to back up the(More)
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