Carmen Mezura-Godoy

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A Mobile Collaborative System (MCOS) enable the cooperation of the members of a team to achieve a common goal by using a combination of mobile and fixed technologies. MCOS can be enhanced if the context of the group of users is considered in the execution of activities. This paper proposes a novel model for Context-Aware Mobile COllaborative Systems(More)
A Context-Aware Groupware System (CAGS) enables the members of a team to communicate, cooperate and coordinate their activities to achieve a common goal, by providing them tools that are aware of their current execution context and adapt accordingly. CAGS can be found in several domains such as entertainment, particularly Collaborative First-Person-Shooter(More)
Resumen. La Inteligencia Ambiental (Ambient Intelligence o AmI) es un área de la Computación que se dirige a tener espacios, tecnológicamente enriquecidos, que proactivamente apoyen a las personas en su vida diaria. Dada la riqueza de informa-ción y conocimientos existentes en ámbitos educativos, la AmI puede proveer solu-ciones que se adapten a las(More)
E-learning is about using IT technologies to support on-line learning processes. In this context, a learning object (LO) is a re-usable digital content, which has some metadata associated with it to facilitate its search, retrieval and processing, which includes assemble it with other LOs to form a more complex one. An interesting form to retrieve and(More)
Software developers have been recently interested in building next generation groupware systems that provide environments adaptable to various contexts of users, thus, offering information and services in a timely way depending on the developed activity. However, the existing solutions for building such systems are mostly limited to modeling and(More)
Multimodal interfaces allow a smooth human-computer interaction,and connection between real and digital worlds to be entirely transparent to the user. Most current educational applications using this kind of interfaces does not support collaboration and they are not adaptable. Furthermore, few models have been developed for development of these(More)